Great White Shark Diving

White Shark Cage Diving - South Africa


Introduction to pilots:

Gideon is a Training Captain on the Boeing 737, has been with SAA for 15 years and has 11,000 flying hours.
Karl flies for FedAir in Johannesburg and has done 800 flying hours.
Kevin Bell is a retired businessman with 3000 flying hours.
Tracy is from the UK and has 300 flying hours.
Chris has been with SAA for 25 years with 17,000 flying hours.

1. 1945 Piper Cub (American) with 1/1 seats i.e. 1 pilot + 1 passenger
The Famous Piper Cub was designed during the thirties with a thirty horsepower engine. The engine output was increased over the years and in the mid forties the A65 continental engine was introduced. It is said that this was the engine that made the Cub famous and reliable. Our little Cub has no accident history but was restored in 2001 and has flown a total of only 4000 hours since new.

2. 1943 De Haviland Tiger Moth (British) with 1/1 seated.
The Tiger Moth evolved from a family of Moths during the thirties after the concept was sold to the Royal Air force. This aircraft was delivered to the South African Air force in 1943 and was decommissioned in 1957, when it was registered on the South African Civil Register. The aircraft has no accident history and has done about 3000 hours since new.

3. 1942 Boeing Stearman (American) with 1/1 seat.
This aircraft was built by Boeing and sold to the US navy as a basic trainer. The aircraft was imported and restored about three years ago. The aircraft has completed only 100 hours since rebuild.

4. Cessna 172 Hawk XP 1/3 seats.
ZS-MPE is a low time family aircraft. High wings make it the ideal sight seeing aircraft. Flying time of 1700 hours total time with no accident history.

5. Cessna 210 1/5 seats
This 350k/h, is ideally suited for long haul as well as sight seeing trips. Flying time of 2300 hours since new with no accident history.







Great White Shark South Africa